Dental care

We provide free dental care to the students of two schools and one orphanage in Managua and Jinotepe. The care provided concentrates on prevention and restorations.

Health Care

In general, Martina's efforts are aimed at prevention of diabetes and eye care. Donated glasses are helpful but the students vision has to be checked and matched to a pair of eye glasses.


This school in the country provides education beyond 6th grade that is not available outside of the cities. Education in the English is also taught gives an advantage in finding jobs.

school supplies

Our patients give school supplies such as colored pens and pencils, scissors, glue, rulers and other things that are in short supply, difficult to obtain and expensive in Nicaragua.

We provide health care at to the students of two schools and surrounding community in Nicaragua. One of the schools is in Managua in one of the more poor areas of the city and is called La Capilla Del Calvario Escuela . The other school, named Hogar de Dios is South of Managua in a smaller town called Jinotepe. This school is very rural and most of the kids live on subsistence farming.  The school in Jinotepe provides education to kids that are older because the public education systems comes to an end at sixth grade out side of the major cities. The more advanced education here can provide a way out their poverty, the ability to help others and in doing so find help others and their country.


Have some purpose!

Our staff, with the help of our patients and friends, provide needed health care and education supplies to a very disadvantaged set of kids in the very poor country of Nicaragua.

You can have some purpose by helping us with our mission. Contributions go toward the purchase of dental and medical supplies and the cost of delivering them to the people of Nicaragua in need. We also attempt to help with school supplies and sponsorship of students.


This effort started in the year 2010 with the staff from my dental practice,The Tooth Station, and myself, Bryan Randolph, traveling to Nicaragua to provide dental care to the poor without cost. After 4 years and numerous trips the effort is now called Kids with Purpose and is a not- for-profit corporation with tax exempt status from the I.R.S.